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AMECO AC-1 transmitter, R5 receiver, CPO and Pennwood Numechron Tymeter.On March 10, 2003, I received an AC-1 that I bought on eBay.  I removed a metal box and meter someone had grafted onto the side. This might be a good idea to help tune up, but it will work fine detached. I only noted one cold solder joint. I have derusted and painted the transformer. The chassis has a few rusty spots, but is good enough. The line cord was good, but needed a plug installed.   Also, the tubes are military surplus (not AMECO). I sure wish they were original.  I have since added an AMECO R5 receiver and AMECO CPS code practice oscillator/monitor to form a station.  A Pennwood Numechron Tymeter and a JJ-30 key round out the station. I have added an AMECO LN2 low pass filter and Johnson TR switch to this station since taking the picture.

1957 AMECO Products Advertisement      AMECO R5 documentation

AMECO AC-1 documentation (old version)

AMECO AC-1 documentation (new version)

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I never owned or used an AMECO TX-62 transmitter, but it seems that many were manufactured judging from the number of units seen on eBay, etc.   The matching VFO is the VFO-621 model, which also supports 220 Mc transmitters.   The small boxes atop the transmitter are AMECO BIU swr bridges.  The microphone show is a ubiquitous Turner desk microphone in stainless steel finish.

AMECO TX-62 Advertisement

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AMECO AC-1 Transmitter

I believe that my unit is a later version because:

  • AMECO is an Aerotron Division according to the screening on the panel.

  • It includes an RF choke across the antenna terminals.

  • It omits the filter choke and ups the filter capacitor to 20 mfd.

  • The loading capacitor is a two section unit.


View AC-1 Documentation (older version) View AC-1 Documentation (newer version)
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