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Nostalgia stationI enjoy building equipment as much or more than actually operating.  Several of my creative endeavors  have been documented in various amateur publications.  I have provided pictures of many of my recent projects.  I have done some unusual things like bouncing microwave signals off of the moon on 10 GHz.  The picture shows me at my "nostalgia station", all equipment available new when I was first licensed in 1966.  I've been an Extra Class Amateur and First Class Commercial Radiotelephone licensee since 1968.  My "glorious" peak of activity was in 1994, when I was Central States VHF Society President and sponsored the Society annual conference in Memphis. 

Along the way I also obtained an FCC First Class Ratiotelephone Operator License (now General Radiotelephone Operator License).  I also hold the Ship Radar Endorsement.  I used my license to service two way radio equipment as well as to operate an AM/FM broadcast station (WMPS).

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