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Click for enlarged pictureWB4EAB November 1968 stationI became serious about obtaining an amateur radio license in 1965.  Joe Hill, KIVK, of Republic, Missouri, introduced me to the hobby.  Licensing was delayed when my family relocated.   Wade McKay, WA4TFI (SK), and others of the Delta Radio Club of Whitehaven, Tennessee, got me back involved without much lost time. Once licensed, I went through a progression of bought and borrowed equipment.  In recent years, I have assembled the station I always wanted from gear available around 1965.  I have collected other related items from that era (see below).

Station Equipment List Station Accessories "Elmers"
Brochure made from shack picture Amateur Radio Stamp
Publications of Interest to Radio Amateurs in the '60s

Station Equipment List

HF/VHF Ham Band Receiver Hammarlund HQ-170AC-VHF with S-200 Speaker
General Coverage Receiver Hammarlund HQ-100AC with S-100 Speaker
HF Transmitter/microphone Hammarlund HX-50A with Electrovoice microphone and grip-to-talk stand
HF Linear Amplifier Hammarlund HXL-1
Keyer/paddles/bug/key Hammarlund HK-1B keyer with grey base Vibroplex paddles, Vibroplex Original bug, Speed-EX straight key.
Antennas Moseley TA-33 Senior tri band beam, doublets for lower bands.
VHF Transmitter/microphone AMECO TX-62/VFO-621 with Turner 254 desk microphone

Station Accessories

Jones Monimatch, AMECO SWR meter, CDE HAM-M rotor/control, Instructograph, ATKO mini keyer, AMECO CPS code practice oscillator, code practice records from AMECO, Millen Grid Dip Oscillator, EICO Grid Dip Oscillator, Dow Key coaxial relay, Bird 43 wattmeter, Simpson 260 VOM. Mayfair tape recorder (I had one when I was 12 years old).
Pennwood Numechron Tymeter actually manufactured in 1965Pennwood Numechron Tymeter with ID timer. (Mine was manufactured in '65 according to the date on the bottom) WE 500 desk set actually manufactured in 1965Western Electric black rotary dial  (Mine was manufactured in '65 according to the date on the bottom)
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