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Publications of interest to Radio Amateurs circa 1965

Callbook Publications ARRL Publications Magazines International Publications
Other Amateur Radio Specific Publications Catalogs Commercial Product Oriented Reference Publications Technical Specialty Books and other materials

Callbook Publications:

1965 Radio Ametur Callbook United States Listing 1965 Radio Ametur Callbook Foreign Listing The Radio Amateurs World Atlas, 1965

ARRL Publications:

1965 ARRL Radio Amateurs Handbook (soft binding) 1965 ARRL Radio Amateurs Handbook (hard binding) Antenna Book, ARRL 1965 Operating an Amateur Radio Station, ARRL 1965 DXCC Countries List, ARRL 1965 The Radio Amateur's License Manual ARRL 1965 How to Become a Radio Amateur, ARRL 1964 The Radio Amateurs Operating Manual, first edition, ARRL 1966 Learning the Radotelegraph Code, third edition, ARRL 1963 A Course in Radio Fundamentals, ARRL 1960 Understanding Amateur Radio, ARRL 1963 Hints and Kinks for the Radio Amateur, ARRL 1965 Single Sideband for the Radio Amateur, ARRL 1965 The Radio Amateur's VHF Manual, ARRL 1965 Fifty Years of ARRL, 1965


ARRL QST magazine for March 1965 - The W4HHK antenna issue! July 1965 CQ magazine 73 Magazine for March 65, profiling SSB transverters VHFer, November 1965 - W4HHK article "Butler crystal oscillator witth variable capacitance diode tuning" VHF Horizons, Bob Cooper K6EDX editor, June 1963 Popular Electronics might be something a ham would have around Communications Equipment Marketing, May 1965 - Article covers "How the new amateur rules will affect business"

International Publications:

The Amateur Radio Handbook (RSGB) Third edition, 6th printing - 1965 Technical Topics for the Radio Amateur, RSGB 1965 Amateur Radio Techniques, Pat Hawker, RSGB 1965 (3rd ed 1970) The Radio Amateur Operator's Handbook, Data Publications, LTD 1965 Electronics Australia magazine, December 1965 Learniing Morse, H. F. Smith, Wireless World, 1966

Other Amateur Radio Specific Publications:

Amateur Radio Theory Course, Ameco, 1963 Radio Amateur Question & Answer License Guide, AMECO 1963 Mastering the Morse Code, AMECO 1963 (1979 reprint) Extra Class Amateur Radio License Guide, 1968 So You Want To Be a Ham, SAMS 1966 (4th printing) Getting Started in Amateur Radio, Rider revised 1965 Building the Amateur Radio Station, RIDER 1965 Building the Amateur Radio Station, HAYDEN 2nd ed 1965 The Fun of Ham Radio 1965 Practical Ham Radio Projects, Charles Caringella W6NJV, SAMS 1964 Amateur Radio Construction Projects, Charles Caringella W6NJV, SAMS 1965 1965 SAMS Extra Class Handbook General Class Amateur Radio License Handbook, SAMS 1965 ABC's of Ham Radio, Howard S. Pyle, SAMS 1963 ABC's of Ham Radio, Howard S. Pyle, SAMS 2nd ed. - 1965 Amateur Radio Mobile Handbook, Charles Carringella W6NJV, Samms, 1965 1965 Boy Scout merit badge guide The Radio Amateurs Handbook, Hertzberg/Collins, Crowell 1964 Radio Handbool, Orr, Editors and Enginneers 16th edition 1962 Radio Handbool, Orr, Editors and Enginneers 17th edition 1967 (W4HHK copy provided as contributing author) VHF Antenna Handbook, Jim Kyle K5JKX, 73 1965 VHF for the Radio Amateur, Frank Jones, CQ 1961 CQ Antenna Roundup Vol 2, Ton Kneitel K2AES, Cowan Pubs 1966 W9IOP's Q Dial, 1964 1965 ARRL National Convention, San Jose, California


1965 Allied Radio catalog with Knightkit catalog 1965 Burnstein Applebee catalog 1965 Heathkit catalog 1965 WRL catalog 1965 Lafayette catalog ALMO Radio/ALSCO Electronics Catalog, AL-65 1965 Hewlett Packard  Electronic Test Instruments catalog

Commercial Product Oriented Reference Publications:

  RCA Ham Tips Vol. 25 No. 1 Winter 64-65 1965 RCA Pocket Reference - lots of tube data plus Universal Relay Corp. Relay Slide Rule, Perrigraph 1965 Allied Electronics Data Handbook, 1963 International Rectifier Solar Cell & Photocell Handbook, John Sasuga, IR 1965 ITE Anenna Handbook, ITE 1961 Care and Feeding of Power Grid Tubes, Robert Sutherland, VARIAN 1967 Popular Electronics Communications 1965 Handbook GE Transistor Manual, 1964 RCA Transistor Manual, 1964 Transistor Substitution Handbook, Sams 1965 RCA Receiving Tube Manual, 1966

Technical Specialty and other books:

1965 Prentice-Hill Textbook, Elements of Radio Basic Electronics, Grob, McGraw-Hill 1965 Ionispheric Radio Propagation, US Department of Commerce, 1965 Introduction to Microwaves, Prentice-Hall, 1963 Introduction to Microwave Theory and Measurement,McGraw-Hill 1964 Microwave Test and Measurement Techniques, SAMS 1964 Challenge of the Universe, Hynek & Anderson, National Science Teachers Association 1962 Electronics Drafting, Allen Wolk, Hayden 1967 Microwave Antenna Theory and Design, Samuel Silver, Dover 1965 Meteor Science and Engineering, DWR McKinley, McGraw-Hill 1961 Microwave Transmission Circuits, George Ragan, Dover 1965 65qa.jpg (5809 bytes) Second-Class Radiotelephone License Handbook, Edward Noll, Sams1965 Space Communications, Stanley Leinwell, Rider 1964, Given by W4RFR to W4HHK 1965 Space Communications Techniques, R Filipowsky E Muehldorf, Prentis Hall 1965 Scatter Propagation Theory & Practice, Kamen Poundoulakis, SAMS 1956 How to Read Schematic Diagrams, Sams 1965 ABC's of Short Wave Listening, SAMS 1965 1965 Complete Guide to Shortwave Radio Transistor Etched-Circuit Projects, Sams 1965 Oscillator Circuits, SAMS 1963 printing Solid State Projects from Motorola, 1964 103 Simple Transistor Projects, Rider 1964 Electronics Made Simple (revised edition), Henry Jacobowitz, Doubleday 1965 Basic Radio Repair Vol 1, Marvin Tepper, RIDER 1965 Basic Radio Repair Vol 2, Marvin Tepper, RIDER 1965 ABCs of Capacitors, William F. Mullin, Sams 1966 New Skill - Building Transistor Projects Experiments, Louis E. Garner, JR, Gernsback Library 1966

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