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N4MW HP 5526A Documentation Page


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Catalog pages: 1971 1972 1973 1975 1976 1980
HP 9825 Calculator HP 9872 Plotter

Compensation Factor Calculator (Excel)

My complete list is shown below in bold.  The others I still need - can you help?  (Some are available from Manualsplus.com.)
System General Operation and Electronics System Optics and other reference

05510-90012 Operating and Service Manual for 5510 Automatic Compensator

05510-90016 Operating and Service Manual for 5510 Automatic Compensator (newer serials)

05526-90001 Operating Supplement

05526-90007 Operator's Handbook Supplement for Linear and Angular/Flatness Interferometer

05526-90008 Operator's Handbook Supplement for Second Axis Add-On

05526-90009 Operator's Handbook Supplement for Single and/or Dual Axis Plane Mirror Measurements

05526-90014 Compensation Factor Handbook (available on request)

05526-90021 Service Handbook Supplement for Straightness Interferometers

05526-90022 Operator Handbook Supplement for Straightness Interferometers

05526-90039 Operator's Handbook Supplement

05526-90049 Operator's Handbook

05526-90051 Operating and Service Manual

05526-90053 Service Supplement Straightness

05526-90058 Operating Supplement Angular/Flatness

05526-90066 User's Guide

05526-90068 Operator's Handbook

05526-90070 Operating Supplement Straightness

05526-90074 Service Supplement Straightness

10550-90007 Laser Reflector with Mount and Stand Instruction Manual

10557-90006 Turning Mirror Accessory

10558-90005 Beam Benter 10558A Instruction Manual

10559-90005 Reflector Mount 10559A Instruction Manual

10565-90004 Retroreflector (Cube Corner) 10556A Retroreflector Instruction Manual

10565-90007 Remote Interferometer 10565B Instruction Manual

10581-90002 Plane Mirror Converter 10581A Instruction Manual

10692-90001 Operating Note, Pentaprism 10692A


5529A Dynamic Calibrator system


Laser Metrology Package (complete HPL documentation 2.9 MB)


Application Note 197-2 5501A Laser and Optics

Application Note 156-2 Calibration of a Surface Plate

Application Note 156-5 Measurement of Straightness of Travel


HP Journal extract August 1970 - 5525A System

HP Journal extract ? 1971 - Remote laser Interferometry - 5525B system